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Chiropractic Goes To Work In Myrtle Beach, SC


What if Dr. Alan Levy, DC brought chiropractic wellness care to your office? 

About three years ago, I had a patient come to me and say, “Dr. Alan, I have to stop coming to see you!” Of course, I immediately asked, “why, haven’t you been getting good results?” 

Jennifer replied, “Yes! My migraines are significantly better, especially when I see you regularly but it’s just too hard for me to get to your office after work. Work is busier than ever, and I need to get home to my family!”

Well, there had to be a solution…..

So, I posed the question, “what if I come to you?”

Since then I have been taking chiropractic care on the road and on-site. Delivering weekly “wellness” care visits to local businesses in Myrtle Beach and Carolina Forest.

What I have found is that the employees feel better, less stressed because of the chiropractic care and they love the service because of the convenience. 

For many without the option of on-site wellness care, they continue to suffer (needlessly) from all sorts of health aliments and continue to go to work day after day in pain, sick and just less productive. Opting to work through “it” until they “can’t take it anymore,”  waiting till they are too sick to continue, perhaps ending up in the hospital. Aside from being dangerous and extremely costly, who wants to feel that “bad?”

By making what I call a “corporate house call,” employees can get health care that they want, at a fee that makes sense, in a time frame that works. And its my pleasure to serve every one. 

For the employer, there are benefits too!

There are several studies out that show for every dollar an employer spends on “wellness” services, there is a $3 to $10 return on investment, in reduced worker’s compensation cost, reduced employee absenteeism, increased employee presenteeism and increased worker’s job satisfaction and morale. 

For example, at one Illinois distributor business, weekly on-site chiropractic services helped reduce employee sick days by 22%, the accident rate was cut by 50%, and worker’s compensation premiums were cut by 25%. 

What employer doesn’t see those numbers as good news for his or her bottom line? 

Employees feel better, are happier and it saves the business money, too! 

It’s a WIN, WIN situation!

Let’s see if we can make a “corporate house call” work for you.

Give me a call at 843-839-5262 and let’s set something up!


Dr. Alan Levy, DC

Written by Sea One Family Chiropractic

We provide chiropractic treatment in a caring, professional environment where you’ll be heard and helped. Many people come to us because they’re in pain. Our goal is to alleviate that pain as quickly as possible while treating its root cause.
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