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BANG! Stress Is Killing Me



The Stress Response is completely normal and necessary for your survival…If it shuts off!

BANG! A bear jumps out of the woods! 

You need some things to happen when you are in the moment battling stress, like increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased clotting factor and blood sugar and you need it to happen NOW! You need to be ready to FIGHT and/or take FLIGHT. 

Necessary changes if you want to survive the bear.

What happens when you are in Fight or Flight? The Physiologic Changes of Stress: 

Increased heart rate, blood pressure and vasoconstriction; increased fatty acids and glucose; and increased clotting factors (sounds like heart disease and stroke waiting to happen)

Decreased serotonin and increased noradrenalin, decreased growth hormone (this equals depression, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, learning and attention deficits, decreased sex drive, and accelerated aging)

Insulin receptor resistance and increased blood glucose and blood lipids (obesity and Type II diabetes)

Chronically suppressed immune system (sounds like flu, pneumonia and cancer)

Decreased Bone Density (brittle soft and hard tissues; spine, hip and knee injuries and fractures)

The Stress Response is completely normal and necessary for your survival. The problem arises when the Stress Response doesn’t shut down.

The Effects: (Diseases of Adaption)

Major Killers: Major Chronic Problems:

Heart Disease Depression and Anxiety

Stroke  Obesity and Fatigue

Cancer  Chronic pain

Diabetes  Osteoporosis

The Drugs to treat these “diseases of adaptation” Fibromyalgia and Sleep Disturbances

Decreased Sex Drive /Decreased Fertility Indigestion

ADD/ADHD/ Autism

Accelerated Aging

Sound familiar? All of these issues are for the most part preventable and/or reversible!

The 3T’s 

Traumas, Thoughts, and Toxins all push us into the Stress Response. 

Life is traumatic. Most would say that childbirth is traumatic for mommy, but what about baby? How many times did you fall while learning to walk and to ride your bicycle? What about sports injuries, car accidents and falls? 

Anyone that is responsible for paying the bills knows the “stress of thoughts.” From screaming children to driving with vacationers we all know how emotionally stressful life can be.

And then there are toxins. Everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat has been polluted with one chemical or another.

The 5D’s

Chronic stress load (allostatic load) is what is making us sick. When our system is overloaded day in and day out it becomes subluxated. Subluxation can be described as 5D’s; 1- dys-kinesia (joint misalignment and fixation), 2- dys-afferentation (altered signal to and from the brain through that altered joint), 3- dys-autonomia (as a result of altered signal; imbalance between the two controlling nerve systems, fight/flight vs. rest and recovery),  4- dys-ponesis (imbalanced nerve system leads to errors in energy output), and 5- dys-connection (inability to integrate the 5 senses and to engage life in a meaningful way). Subluxations actually add to the chronic stress overload creating a vicious cycle that is downward spiraling. The result is a body that gets sicker and sicker as time goes by.

The result; we live in a stressed out world that does not allow for Rest, Recovery and Rejuvenation.

Dr. Levy’s 5 Steps for Breaking the Stress Response and increase your ability to ‘adapt’

1- Remove the Subluxations: 

The number one way to break the vicious cycle is to restore motion to the Subluxated, misaligned and fixated joint, thus reversing the 5D’s. This is achieved with the Chiropractic Adjustment.

2- Exercise, daily:

Be careful here. Too much or the wrong kind of exercise can actually worsen your stress load. I like 7 minutes of flexibility, 14 min of strength training, and 21 min of aerobic activity per workout period. The higher your stress level the slower you should go. Think “light sweat.”

3- Eat to nourish your body:

Go Paleo…ish! Reduce things that drive up blood sugar.

4- Sleep:

7 to 9 hours per night! Don’t be afraid to take a nap. Not tired then try exercising longer.

5- Attitude and Gratitude:

Keep a Gratitude journal…what are you thankful for and why is that important to you, 3 times per day. This alone will change your life forever. 

Are you battling stress and stuck in “FIGHT OR FLIGHT” mode?

I am sincerely your friend in health,

Dr. Alan Levy, DC

Sea One Family Chiropractic

1211 44th Ave N, Suite 200

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Written by Sea One Family Chiropractic

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