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A Case For Wellness Care In Myrtle Beach


There always seems to be some resistance to the notion of maintenance or wellness chiropractic care. Have you ever heard someone say, “once you go, you always have to go?” To be honest, I find this objection to be the most puzzling because if it’s good for you, why would you stop? That’s like saying, “once you go to the gym, you always must go.” So, I thought I would take a few minutes and share with you my reasons for recommending maintenance/wellness care on a weekly basis.

Did you know that nearly 96% of chiropractors recommend “maintenance or wellness care” to their patients? They feel that routine maintenance/wellness visits minimize recurrences and exacerbation of chronic conditions, acute injuries, pain producing events and improve overall health. 

Often clinical experience is ahead of the science. Can you imagine that thousands of Chiropractors serving millions of patients and delivering millions of adjustments each year for the last 100 plus years would develop an understanding and experienced based knowledge that surpasses existing science? Well, I can because experience equals wisdom! Experience has shown me that folks who get checked and adjusted on a regular basis get sick less often, have fewer injuries, fewer debilitating events, and just spend more time, money and energy on the things they love than on being sick, tired, and miserable. 

When a Chiropractor finds a joint fixation (aka Subluxation), he or she uses a variety of Chiropractic techniques to adjust that joint to restore its natural motion. Taking that fixated joint complex to the end of its paraphysiological joint space and thereby restoring normal ranges of motion is where the magic happens. No other profession in the world studies, examines, and trains to make these changes possible. Chiropractic is truly unique.

Studies continue to show that subluxation and/or fixation of spinal facet joints sets a cascade of negative events in motion. 

· Within 1 week, facet articular surfaces begin to degenerate forming osteoarthritis and osteophytes (bone spurs). Degenerative osteophytes become irreversible after just 4 weeks. 

· Within 1 week, mild adhesions (scar tissue) begin to develop progressing to moderate adhesions by week 4, severe adhesions by weeks 8 and so on. 

· Within 1 week, a progressive loss of neurons within the facet joints themselves begins. Loss of neurons leads to a loss of neurologic control of the supporting musculature and proprioceptive sense (balance and position awareness) and leads to even greater instability within the spinal segment. Ever hear someone say, “I tripped and fell for no reason” or say “their back is out?”

· Within 1 week, the associated muscles become fatty, weak and atrophy progressively worsening with time. 

All of this begins subclinically, meaning that much of this is happening without any symptoms or pain until its too late. In other words, by the time you feel it these processes may have been in play for several weeks, months, and even years especially if you have been ignoring the issue!

The good news is that the adjustment can restore normal joint motion; breakdown adhesions (scar tissue), stimulate neuronal firing, restore normal muscular tone, and stop the degenerative osteoarthritic and osteophytic (bone spur) processes. 

Don’t take my word for it. Two studies demonstrate my points….

First, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois reviewed thousands of patient files over a 7 year period and found that those who sought regular chiropractic care experienced…

60.2% fewer hospital admissions

59% fewer hospital days

62% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures

85% fewer pharmaceutical costs…

Than those not under regular Chiropractic care. 

Second, a study of a large distribution company in Illinois that initiated a weekly Chiropractic wellness program for their employees in 2007. In the first two years of implementation…

the number of employee sick days went down 22% 

the accident rate went down 50%

their workers compensation premiums went down more than 25%. 


The numbers just speak for themselves. And as I like to say, “if you knew what I knew you would do what I do.”

My family, including my children, wife and mother all get checked and adjusted on a weekly basis for the health of it! 

That’s why I recommend that you too consider getting your family checked and adjusted every week. 

Can’t wait to see you!

Dr. Alan Levy, DC

Sea One Family Chiropractic

Written by Sea One Family Chiropractic

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