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Providing You With Sure Footing

Balance and stability are important for athletes. A shot put competitor needs incredible strength and balance and needs to maintain them while hurling a heavy object as far as possible. Dancers need to stay poised as they twirl and move gracefully around the stage. 

But, guess what? Your average, everyday person also relies on proper balance. Walking, going up and down stairs, gardening, playing with the kids—all of these important activities need balance. 

People come to Sea One Family Chiropractic all the time with injuries sustained from losing their balance. We can help—not only with the injury but with preventing it from happening again. 

Balance is essential: in life, at work, and in your body. Book your appointment to discuss balance training today.

The Eyes Have It

Balance issues can result from your eye muscles becoming weak. Chiropractic care combined with eye exercises can improve your balance and stability.

Watch this video to learn more about eye exercises that can help with balance.

Sway This Way

We use the Sway assessment system to check your balance. It provides a baseline test in only minutes, using your own mobile device, and measures stability using built-in motion sensors on cell phones and tablets.

A proprietary motion analysis algorithm calculates stability as the patient presses the device to their chest. Results have been proven very accurate in clinical trials. Sway is also useful post-concussion to test for cognitive function and reaction time.

Preventing Falls

Getting stronger, more flexible, and steadier on your feet can help prevent common injuries from trips and slips. 

About 36 million older adults fall every year, making falls the most common cause of injury in adults over 65. Falls don’t have to be a normal part of aging. Chiropractic care can help your strength, steadiness, and balance, keeping you upright—and independent—for longer.

Book your appointment to assess your steadiness today.


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