Corporate House Call

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Why Chiropractic Wellness

  The destructive effects of poor posture, chronic stress, inactivity, and poor diet are all leading to spinal and extremity joint dysfunction. If left uncorrected, conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches, degenerative joint and disc disease  deprive us of our “lives” with pain and lost mobility. 


Health Care That You Can Afford

Our fees are less than most insurance Co-Pays. Because we come to your office there is very little over head cost to us and so we pass that savings on to you. You can't afford not to take advantage.


On-Site Wellness, "The Corporate House Call"

   That's right! We come to your office on a regular basis so you don't have to come to us. You are already busy enough! Busy schedules are the number one reason folks like you and me do not take a proactive approach to our health. So, we made it convenient for you to "Say 'Yes' to your health." 

Interested In Finding Out More About Our On-Site Services?

 Call us to schedule your FREE "Lunch with the Doctor." 

We will bring lunch for you and your staff to answer all of your questions about our On-Site/Corporate House Call program.


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